Sludge Dewatering

Screw sludge dewatering machine

The dewatering screw stacker is a filter device formed by the fixed ring and the swimming ring overlapping each other and the spiral shaft running through them. The former part is the concentrated part and the latter part is the dehydration part. The filter gap formed between the fixed ring and the swimming ring and the pitch of the screw shaft gradually decrease from the concentrating part to the dewatering part. The rotation of the screw shaft promotes the sludge transport from the concentrated part to the dewatering part, at the same time, it also continuously drives the moving ring to clean the filter seams and prevent clogging. After gravity concentration, the sludge is transported to the dewatering part. With the gradual decrease of filter slot and pitch and the blocking effect of back pressure plate, the sludge produces a great internal pressure, and the volume shrinks continuously, so as to achieve the purpose of full dewatering.

Mud scraper

The mud scraper is used in the radial flow sedimentation tank of sewage treatment plant, waterworks and industrial wastewater treatment. The sludge settled at the bottom of the pond is scraped and collected into the sludge collecting pit at the bottom of the pond, and the scum on the surface of the pond is skimmed to the tubular slag discharging hopper.
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