Wastewater Grinder instead of bar screen,Solid waste shredder&crusher

Wastewater Grinder

Product introduction

Grille grille is an important part of prefabricated pumping station. It is a decontamination equipment in sewage treatment project. It can crush debris and garbage into 6-8mm particles in the pipeline network and effectively protect the normal operation of pumping station equipment.

Operation Principle

1.Solids enter grinders through open channel
2.Solids pass through cutters for size reduction
3.Solids are cut into smaller particles and no threat to downstream equipment

Materials of Construction

Motor: Customized, multiple power options
Reducer: Planet gear reducer, good ability to against the load impact
Cutter and spacer: heat-treated alloy steel 4130 with surface harden evenly.
The hardness is not less than 45~50HRC
Shaft: heat-treated alloy steel 4140
Mechanicals Seals: Tungsten Carbide faces
Housings: Ductile cast iron ASTMA 536
Frame: Stainless steel(304,316)
Mechanical Characteristic
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