Submersible Mixer

Product Description

Submersible mixer is divided into two series: mixing mixer and low-speed push-flow mixer.
Mixing series mixer is suitable for sewage treatment plants and industrial processes to mix sewage containing suspended solids, sludge mixed liquids, industrial process liquids, etc. to create water flow, strengthen the mixingfunction, prevent sludge sedimentation and dead angle, flow rate in ditch is not less than 0.1m/s.
Low-speed push-flow series mixer is suitable for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. The water from waterfall gas pool is pushed to produce low tangential flow and strong water flow. It can be used for circulation and nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal stages, creating water flow, etc.
Differentiation between plug flow and mixing:
Push-flow type: impeller diameter is between 1100-2500 mm, speed is between 22-115 r/min, push distance is long, the purpose is to promote water flow.
Mixing Series: The impeller diameter is small, the blade diameter is between 260-620 mm, and the speed is between 480-980 r/min. The purpose is mixing and stirring.

Performance Characteristics

1. Compact structure, small volume and light weight. Simple operation and maintenance, convenient installation and long service life.
2. The blade has self-cleaning function, which can prevent the winding and blockage of sundries.
3. Cooperating with the aeration system, the energy consumption can be greatly reduced, the oxygen content can be significantly increased, and the precipitation can be effectively prevented.
4. The motor winding is F-class insulation, the protection level is IP68. The imported bearing with primary lubrication and maintenance-free is selected. It has the function of oil chamber leakage detection and motor winding overheating protection, which makes the motor work safer and more reliable.
5. The friction material of mechanical seal is corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide, and all fasteners are stainless steel.

Applicable conditions

Mixed stirring series submersible mixer is suitable for various water treatment processes and industrial processes need to maintain solid-liquid two-phase or solid-liquid-gas three-phase media uniform mixing reaction place.
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