Sluice Gate

Product introduction

Name:gate; strobe; sluice gate; lock gate; water gate;water Sluice Gate
The Sluice Gate is used to close and control the water passage. An important part of hydraulic structures can be used to intercept water flow, control water level, regulate flow, discharge sediment and floats, etc.
Body:Cast iron/Ductile iron
Sealing: Brass/NBR/EPDM
The penstock valve is suitable for sewage water project .
Nominal diameter is DN100-DN6000. 
Product standard: AWWA C501/560.
These penstocks are suitable to be used in the water treatmentengineering of various industried and enterprises such as supply and drainage works,metallurgical,electrical power,sewage engineering ect. to cut off the flow.
They are rational in construction,uniform in suffering load, nice in sealing property and rigidity,seal leakage conforms to AWWA C501/560 standard.
round penstock can be installed on the wall and connected with pipeflange.The connection sizes ae according to GB/T17241.
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