Ships For Pump

Product introduction

Natural lift and draft floating dock pumping station is a new type of water supply pumping station formed by the combination of pumps and floating dock technology. It is widely used for water pumping in rivers, lakes and reservoirs with large fluctuation slope and irregular fluctuation frequency. It is a non-standard carrier equipment. It can be specially designed and manufactured according to different working conditions and has no complex water. Lower works and a small number of earthwork projects have a series of advantages, such as simple construction, shorter construction period, less capital construction cost, convenient management and maintenance, which are widely used in fields such as farmland irrigation, industrial water supply, large and small range of domestic water supply.

Main application

It is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized water intake projects near rivers, lakes and reservoirs. The main working conditions are as follows: the difference of water level in dry season and flood season is large, the water level fluctuates rapidly, the bank slope is steep and the water depth meets the water intake requirements. Only the pier is built at the bank end, and the floating dock pumping station with natural lifting and drawdown is used to draw water. The pumping capacity and pump head of the floating dock pumping station are determined according to the user's requirements.

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