Submersible Axial Flow Pump

The submersible axial flow pump is mainly composed of four parts: water bell mouth, impeller parts, impeller housing and guide vane body. The water outlet diameter can reach 1600mm, and the water volume is large. It iThe submersible axial flow pump
Submersible pumps, the main equipment of submersible pumping stations, are QZB submersible axial-flow pumps and QHB submersible mixed-flow pumps. 

Submersible sewage pump

Submersible sewage pump has remarkable energy-saving effect, anti-winding, non-clogging, automatic installation and automatic control. It has a unique effect in discharging solid particles and long fibre garbage. This series of pumps adopt unique impeller structure and new mechanical seal, which can effectively transport solid and long fibers. Compared with the traditional impeller, the impeller of the pump adopts single channel or double channel form. It is similar to a bend pipe with the same cross-section size. It has very good flowability. With a reasonable worm chamber, the pump has high efficiency, the impeller is tested by dynamic and static balance, and the pump has no vibration in operation.

Submersible tubular pump

QGL series submersible tubular pump is a new mechatronic product which combines submersible motor technology with tubular pump technology. It not only maintains the advantages of tubular pump itself, but also uses submersible motor technology to solve the problems of cooling, heat dissipation and sealing of traditional tubular pump motor, and obtains the national patent for utility model. This series of products are mainly suitable for agricultural water conveyance, urban water supply, light sewage discharge and water diversion projects, especially for water conservancy projects with comprehensive consideration of drainage and irrigation.
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