The principle design has evolved to provide you with an efficient and reliable transfer pump, when processing waste water.  We have the expertise to select the correct materials to avoid wear and prolong the life of your product.

We also understand that solids within the flow can cause pipework and pump blockages and therefore we manufacture macerators and grinders to eliminate this problem.  We can design and manufacture a packaged solution that's right for your process.


Algae removal De-watered sludge cake
Digested sewage sludge Domestic effluents
Filter pressed sludges Garden sprinkler systems
Ground water Industrial effluents
Inlet works Lime slurry
Municipal sludge Primary and secondary sludges
Pump protection Septic tank/cesspit emptying
Sludge Slurries
Storm water Thick non-flowing pastes
Ground water Return activated sludge
Digested sludge Polyelectrolyte dosing
Leisure facilities Caravan parks
Ship to shore Aircraft effluent
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